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How Capable is Your Event Manager/Event Planner in Marriage?

I love what a popular comedian, Alibaba shared on his Instagram page during his 10th Year Wedding Anniversary.

“Any woman you marry is your event manager! She can make your life eventful or boring. And as events managers go, if your life is an A class event, if you use a C category event planner…….you can’t be expecting an A class life oooo.” 

I got inspired by his post and decided to do some further research on the topic which resulted in this blog post. My first conclusion is that your spouse (husband/wife) becomes the event manager of your life immediately after marriage. That settled if everyone has this in mind greater thoughts will be put into the choice of a life partner.

Be Resourceful and Don’t Panic

No matter how capable an event manager may be unforeseen circumstances always occur during the event. Some event managers will panic which may lead to further distress in other areas of the event.  A capable event manager will however, look for solutions either by coming up with a new plan or tweaking the already existing one. The event in this case applies to marriages; challenges (life circumstances) which must come daily. How this challenges are handled maybe the breaking or step up point of the marriage.

How capable is your event manager in marriage?I followed the saga between Tiwa Savage and her husband in the past and it only served to lay emphasis on this issue. Tiwa’s reputation was on the line as she became a source of negative conversation because of the accusations thrown by her husband. Whether true or false if she had married an A class category event planner, this issues would have been handled better. The public would have not been carried along about every detail and vice versa.

How capable is your event manager in marriage?
How capable is your event manager in marriage?

Hiring the right people

Choosing a capable event planner/event manager in marriage is the first and most important step. Your event manager can hire incapable vendors (friends) who come to ruin various areas of your marriage life through gossip, envy or bad advice.  The event manager might also not handle vendors (family members) properly leading to conflict, strife and hatred. A capable event manager should therefore be able to  select capable vendors and ensure they carry out their duties appropriately.

Being a good host

Another area to watch closely as an event manager is the catering and drinks supply as this can make or mar the event. In our context this applies to feeding habits of the home, “we are what we eat” is a very popular adage and relates to how healthy we can or will be depending on our eating habits. Event managers please ensure the right menu is served at the right proportion and time in our homes.

How capable is your event manager quote?
How capable is your event manager quote?


Laughter is another important aspect of an event, a capable MC should be hired to entertain the guest and the program should include a lot of interesting items. In our homes we should ensure that fun activities are always included to keep everyone’s spirit up and take their minds away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Creating and capturing lifetime memories

One of the most important duties of an event planner is to ensure that an event has a lot of highlights. This highlights should be captured adequately by the photographer. In marriage also we must ensure that their a lot of celebrations of milestones achieved. This celebrations and the way challenges are handled will form long lasting memories in the heart of all members of the family. 

Communicating Effectively

Life is made up of a series of continuous events which culminates into our experiences and memories resulting in our story or biography. Your biography can only turn out well if you choose the best event manager(Husband/wife). Communicating effectively with your event manager about your expectations and listening to your event manager is essential. Remember, he/she also has expectations and will have received training from  other clients, manuals, life and seminars. Only then can your event manager plan better, choose the best vendors and give the right instructions. However, do not hesitate to call your event manager to order with love, whenever the need arises……. Apply wisdom!!!

The God Factor

The place of God in any home/marriage cannot be overemphasized; as his wisdom is the most powerful tool in making right life’s choices. A good event manager must then know the importance of God in our lives. Actively seek to please him, follow his manual (Bible) and create an altar of worship in the home. During events; opening and closing prayers are always said to invite the presence of God into the event. In our context it means that morning and night prayers should be said daily leading to happier and healthier homes. Train yourself to grow daily as an event manager and the returns will always be seen in our spouse, children’s, and our faces.

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  1. This is wisdom. Very relatable and descriptive . I won’t forget this piece in a hurry .

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