20 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

20 ways to spice up your marriage

Is your marriage at a cross road? Every couple at a point in their marriage have experienced mixed feelings.

The question you should be asking yourself is;

  • Should I give up on my marriage?
  • Can I manage the marriage as it is?
  • Should I work on my marriage to make it better?

Think about it, marriage is interesting but constantly requires work. Holding down a full-time job, raising children, catching up with family and friends can become overwhelming. Therefore, a routine that works kicks in. But as with routine, marriage becomes boring and the two parties begin to find excitement from other things or people.

Don’t be dismayed……. I bring you wonderful news!!!

Below are 20 some simple but very effective ways you can add that extra spice to your marriage and rekindle the sleeping butterflies(*winks*).

1. Create memories together:

Doing things together will always bond couples together and serve as memories tomorrow. Play with your spouse, eat with your spouse, go on vacations; just do things together that can create fun memories for tomorrow.

“Marriage is a beautiful mosaic. You build millions of tiny moments together that create your love story.”

Daily Love Minder

2. Hugs and Kisses:

Hugs and a kisses is vital to remind your spouse that you are here and make him/her feel loved. No matter how short or long the hugs and kisses last make sure you make them a daily routine.

3. Words of affirmation:

Everyone loves to be complimented and your spouse is no exception. Compliment your spouse on the littlest things through text, spoken words, love letters and watch him return the favour.

4. Pray together:

A family that prays together, stays together.”

Christian slogan

A popular but true slogan, genuinely praying together about challenges and seeing God manifest himself; creates a bond that cannot be easily broken. It also brings the God factor into your marriage.

5. Give each other ‘me time’:

Give yourselves time away from each other. Don’t suffocate your spouse with your presence by following him/her around always. Allow him/her to breathe, think or do something they like without you.

6. Discover and understand each other’s love language:

Discovering each other’s love languages and ensuring you love your spouse in the way they understand love; will score you points you and your partner in return will try to do same for you. Boom, everyone is happy.

7. Spend quality time together:

Spending time each day together devoid of all forms of distraction should be top priority. Talk about your day and generally try to catch up on each other’s thoughts and feelings. Consequently, you will see it improving your marriage and draw you closer to each other.

8. Fight fair:

When angry do not throw hurtful words at your spouse or bring up past mistakes. Address the problem at hand and listen to the other persons perspective. Don’t forget to apologize if you are wrong.

9. Build friendship:

Friendship is so important in marriage. If your spouse knows that you are his friend; defenses are dropped, information flows and lots of laughter with it. Make your spouse your friend and talk about everything and nothing.

10. Have mutual goals:

As a family decide on goals you would love to achieve monthly, quarterly or annually. As a result your team building skills is improved and you have something to look forward to achieving with your partner.

11. Surprise your spouse with gifts:

The element of a thoughtful gift from your spouse can brighten a dark day. Surprise your spouse every now and then with gifts and you would be amazed at the wonders this can do in your marriage.

12. Bond with each other’s friends and family:

Loving your spouse family members is another way of loving your spouse. It reassures your spouse that his/her family is equally important to you while increasing trust and respect

13. Random acts of service:

Helping your spouse out without them asking can do wonders in your marriage. Washing the dishes, picking the children from school, cooking, etc. are random acts that can relieve your spouse from pressure and create more time for bonding.

14. . Develop romantic rituals:

Agree on a day every week for fun. From movies, discovering new restaurants, trying a new hobby, visiting exotic places and much more. This ensures that you both have something fun to look out for each week while spending quality time with each other.

15. Celebrate milestones:

Celebrate both big and small milestones as it helps in creating memories. Big milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions should be celebrated. Small wins like finishing DIY projects, achieving a goal, meeting a deadline should also be celebrated.

16. Communicate regularly:

Communication is key in spicing your marriage. Listen to your spouse (tone, body language and information). Express yourself too; your spouse is not a mind reader and can’t tell what you need without you informing him.

17. Go down memory lane:

Remembering how you met, fun times together, difficulties you have been through and surpassed can rekindle memories and trigger emotions. So, remind your spouse of how much fun you use to have fun and just maybe try to recreate some of them.

18. Work out together:

Hitting the gym together and spending time there can give a chance to catch up and gossip a bit. The benefits of staying fit together will also reflect on your sex life and keep you active there as well.

19. Make an effort to improve your physical appearance:

This is for the women especially (me included); make an effort to look presentable even when at home.

A smile is the prettiest dress you can wear.”


20. Always look at the glass as half full and never half empty:

Its easy to count the things you wish your spouse could do better. STOP; why don’t you count the things he or she is doing right now and be thankful. Being positive can be the change you need to spice up your marriage.

Bonus point: Don’t forget to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your spouse at least once a day.

Please try out the tips/ways to spice up your marriage and let us know in the comment section; if this was helpful.



How capable is your event manager in marriage?



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