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Warning Signs That He is Not the One

A lot of times warning signs that he is not the one keeps staring at us but we choose to ignore them believing that a change will supernaturally occur which of course never happens. At that point regrets, anger and finger pointing begins but its a bit too late.

Making relationships work can be difficult but guess what making a marriage work is even more difficult. Imagine two people from different homes, backgrounds, ideas, beliefs and much more starting a life together. There is bound to be conflict and disagreement. This blog post explores signs that you should watch out for in your relationship to avoid tears in your marriage or save yourself from an impending heartbreak.

Below are the warning signs;

He is married/Seriously engaged

A lot of ladies are aware a man is married and still choose to date him. Along the line they fall in love with him and begin to desire marriage. They forget he had a wife at home and will want him to leave his wife and marry them. If a man is married or seriously married please he is no longer in the market, search somewhere else to avoid heartbreak. (the number you have called is not available at the moment)

Warning Signs That He Is Not the One

He is verbally, emotionally or physically abusive

While dating if a man abuses you verbally by throwing insults at you(verbal), blames you for every wrong in his life(emotional) or slaps/punches/beats you(physically); my sister run. It will only get worse in marriage. Know your value by walking away; you deserve better.

He is flirtatious

It is important to watch the way your man acts or reacts to the opposite sex. Is he overfriendly, does he lead them on, does he forget you are present. These questions have to be answered truthfully as it can make or mar a marriage in future. Furthermore you can also explain to him how to behave better around the opposite sex and see if he is willing to change.

You always have to pretend around him

If you cannot be yourself around your man then you should not go any further in that relationship. your man should know your weaknesses and your strength; help you improve on your strengths and help you combat your weaknesses.

Being with no one is better than being with the wrong person. Sometimes, those who fly solo have the strongest wings.

Nitya Prakash

He is not accountable to anybody

When there is an issue, who can call your him to order and he will listen. Identify that person in your relationship and ensure he/she

His belief/value system does not align with yours

Belief/value system is key because it will come up in different areas. From communication, finances, family and children upbringing. Explore and understand his belief system and see if it aligns with yours.

You do not trust him

Marrying someone you second guess his every move is already a recipe for failure. Ask yourself the reasons you do not trust him and see if trust can be built again. If it cannot then you might have to walk away from that relationship.

He is not God fearing

Marrying a God fearing man is really important or someone that shares your religious beliefs. When challenges come you can pray together and tackle issues better.

Check out this video on my Youtube channel for an in depth analysis.

Do you agree or disagree, what points would you add to this list? Drop your view in the comment section; lets discusss!!!


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