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Statements new mum’s dread but often have to answer from friends and well wishers.

Becoming a mum is a moment of pure joy but laden with so many responsibilities and lifestyle change than you imagined. In the first weeks your house is almost always filled with well wishers coming to congratulate you, this further burdens new mums with the need to look good and all put together. Then comes the barrage of questions/statements; repeatedly responding to this statements can become very annoying and nerve racking. I have put together 10 of them with the best corresponding responses I could think of;

1.You have added weight

Yes i have, through no fault of mine; my hormones have been all over the place, i took injections during my pregnancy though good for my baby but the side effects for me was weight gain.

I know i have added weight but I have so much on my plate and I just had a baby.

2. I hope you are breastfeeding exclusively

I hope to, but i will have to be sure that my breast outflow is sufficient for my baby. 

3. Your baby needs to sleep in the cot?

I prefer my baby sleeping by my side to avoid getting up each time he needs to be fed.

Also feeling my baby lying beside me relieves me of some level of anxiety.

There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. 

Jill Churchill

4. You need to sleep train your baby?

I am still trying to adjust myself to the challenges of a new born but will certainly try.

Statements New Moms Dread
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5. Your baby is so small?

I actually love his size as it made my delivery much easier. I will now feed him properly for him to add  weight.

6. Your not taking care of yourself

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the responsibility of a new child but I promise to try and take better care of myself.

The life of a mother is the life of a child: you are two blossoms on a single branch.

Karen Maezen Miller

7. You have to start potty training? 

I have not started potty training him but am working on starting soon.

8. You have to start planning for another baby

A big smile and silence would be the best response to this. *Winks*

Ultimately, this questions will always come from people; its key to remember that most of the time they really mean well. Remember, new moms are trying to adjust to a life style change and can overwhelmed with all the change going on around them. Their hormones are still raging and can make them super sensitive so the next time you visit a new mom please tread cautiously and be sensitive.

Check out this post; if you are a new mum and need some encouragement for the task ahead.

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