How to spot a Nigerian abroad? Does this title ring a bell or have u ever noticed an individual and thought to yourself, this is a Nigerian. Nigerians no dey carry last, hence they can be found in every country of the word making a living. It is really easy to spot Nigerians even in the midst of other Africans, just by observing some unique attitudes, speech and dressing.

Here are 12 Ways to Spot a Nigerian Abroad;

Pidgin English is our signature:

Our country Nigeria is blessed with over 70 unique dialects for different cultural groups. However, we have a universal language different from English that every proper Nigerian understands and tries to speak. Pidgin English is our street language, used in the market, buses, streets, close friends and to make story telling more interesting.

How to spot a Nigerian Abroad
How To Spot A Nigerian Abroad

Nigerians love owambe parties

Nigerians love parties; from the planning, attending, dressing, food, music, drinks, environment, jokes and so much more. A proper Nigerian is forced to attend a party of some sorts at least every month and must represent(look really good) at those parties.

Nigerians are very loud

Ever entered a bus and listened to a loud conversation either between 2 passengers or from someone receiving a call; it’s most likely Nigerians. We love to converse loudly not caring about the people around us and it shows wherever we find ourselves.

Nigerians love communicating with signs

In Nigeria, from a very young age our parents or family at large begin to communicate with us using sign language especially when visitors are around.As we grow older we begin to understand these signs better and tend to communicate with signs too.

Our traditional attires are very unique

In Nigeria, different cultures have their different attires unique to them. We take our traditional attires very seriously especially during meetings, marriages or festivities. We also have some casual traditional attires which we can wear to church or on a daily basis.

Nigerians love pictures:

The kings and queens of pictures/selfies can be found in Nigeria. We take pictures for various reasons; from keepsakes or for bragging rights when the need arises. We also take pictures to show off to friends about our travel experience.

Our Unique Accents

Every tribe in Nigeria have unique ways of speaking, pronouncing or sounding words. the Igbo tribe have issues with ‘L’ and ‘R’, the Yoruba tribe have issues with ‘H’ while the Hausa has with ‘P’ and so on. Growing up in Nigeria can help you identify these unique accents in Nigerians when you meet them abroad.

Nigerians are hardworking

Nigerians are one of the most hardworking people in the world, especially because of our upbringing. There is a popular Nigerian saying “there is no food for lazy man” and this shows in our attitude to work.

Nigerians are proud of their mother tongues

As a Nigerian its really important to understand and speak your native dialect fluently. Nigeria is a country with diverse cultures, languages and beliefs and this is a sure way to identify Nigerians abroad.

At the airport Nigerians have the biggest luggage:

Ever spotted passengers at the airport with a million and one baggages/luggages? Then probably you have identified a Nigerian in transit to meet family. We actually want to carry a lot of our local foods abroad in order to feel close to home while enjoying local delicacies we sure love.

By the way they shop:

Traveling means shopping for any Nigerian and we love to shop. Whie traveling we have money already set aside for our shopping escapades. We also need to buy gifts for friends and family back home, which only makes getting bargains more interesting.


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