Have you ever sat down to imagine writing a letter to your younger self and warning her about some things that could affect your future positively. In 2016 i tried the 10 year letter challenge and this was my version.

A Letter To My Younger Self
Imagine Writing A Letter To Your Younger Self

A Letter to my younger self

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write a letter to your younger self about important information that could change the course of your life positively in future. 4 years back I tried doing that and below is my unedited version.

25th January 2016

Dearest Amaka,

It is me, Blessing yourself from the future, I know this may sound unbelievable but I have been given a chance to warn you about things that you are yet to face but that I have faced.  I now refer to myself as Blessing though everyone still calls me Amaka.

Everyone around you knows how much you dream of the future and everything it holds for you. You constantly crave for changes in so many things; physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and family wise. Change is good and inevitable but you have to make wise choices in order to reap good results in every area of life.

Physically, everyone says you are so slim and you need to add some weight so Mum always gives you junk food as an extra which you love so much. My number one advice is to please stop accepting the junk food. In the future you are close to being overweight because of the junk food habit which you developed or are about to start developing. People look at you and wonder where all the fat came from but between you, mum and I we can readily identify its source. The first change you must embrace now is your eating habit, continue to eat average size food and please drop the extra junk every night. Say no to any extra toppings my young self; your older self will be eternally grateful.

Spiritually, remember how every night once its prayer time you find sweet sleep smiling at you, and you smile back quickly to the amazement of everyone. It is time to stop smiling and frown back at sleep. Sleep during prayers is a no-no for both you and me. Remember the saying the earlier the better it stands true here. Start praying for yourself now because life is a battle and only a warrior can come out on top. Now due to your reluctance to really know and obey Gods commandments  I have to pray double times the recommended daily allowance, go to church almost every day and still try to read a minimum of 3 chapters everyday  simply because I need to make up seriously for lost time. Amaka please from today change and stop sleeping during prayers, also listen to mum each time she speaks about God and get to know him personally.

Mentally, I thank God first for how brilliant and intelligent he made us o….and I also thank you for diligently seeking to learn and increase your knowledge. In this area you have done really well and I remain highly pleased by it. I just have a few words of encouragement on what you should never change and what you should do better for future happiness in this area. Never deny yourself of the opportunity to be the best you can be simply because you want to fit in with friends. Read at least one book each week and reduce the time you spend watching the television. Likewise go on the internet as much as you can you will learn a whole lot from doing this.

Socially, dearest Amaka this is one area where you need the greatest work, your introverted ways will not be of advantage as you grow older. You need to begin to mix up more easily, make new friends, smile often and enjoy the company of others. Another thing you need to start developing is your unique style; it should be elegant, decent and beautiful. Before I forget do not relax your hair next week as planned, natural hair is back in vogue now and growing your hair from now will be a serious gain in future. Please remain a good girl like you have always been, in future your integrity will open some unexpected doors.

Amaka, I have to stop here now, because am almost late for work. You will be receiving more letters from me on change as I have so much to share with you. I really do miss being you, because when I was you I had so little responsibility and worry. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely


P.S: Begin to build your friendship with Dupe, your brown haired friend because 10 years from now, your time; Dupe’s dad will become the President and you know that as her best pal, you stand to gain a great deal.

What would you love to warn your younger self about? Please do drop your comments !!!


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